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Beyond Laurelville is a place where you can join the conversation about Laurelville's many different programs as well as topics and themes relating to Laurelville and beyond.

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See what happened at Friendship Week in 2012 [video]


friendship week dancingOne of the longest running programs at Laurelville is a retreat we like to call Friendship Week.

It's a retreat for families, friends and persons with disabilities that was started five decades ago by a group of Mennonites parenting children with a range of disabilities. They sought a time and place for their kids to participate in developmentally appropriate activities as well as an opportunity to rest from daily routines and connect with other families sharing a similar journey.

What has grown out of that vision is something that is truly special.

Watch this quick video to learn more about Friendship Week and see what happened at this year's fiesta-themed retreat:

Friendship Week has grown and evolved throughout the years, but it remains one of our most beloved retreats. If you'd like to know more, please visit or call 800.839.1021 to learn how you can get involved in Friendship Week: A retreat for families, friends and persons with disabilities.


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