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Bunk beds, chickens and flamingos (oh my!)


bunk bedA fun game we played at the beginning of Disciples camp this evening is called bunk bed. The game entails working together with fellow campers to strike poses that resemble nouns and scenarios that are frankly quite outrageous.

The game's namesake is one such scenario, forcing participants to either lie flat on the ground and support someone else (bottom bunk) or lie flat in mid-air while being supported by the other (top bunk).

Bunk bed only gets crazier from there. Other scenarios include (but aren't limited to) a chicken perched on an egg, a cowboy riding a horse and a flamingo. It's a great game for breaking ice and getting into the fun, silly and creative spirit of camp at Laurelville.

Do you remember any silly games from your time as a camper? Any suggestions for other poses/configurations we can try next time we play bunk bed?



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