Plan for team-building activities the right way!

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Need help planning team-building activities for your group? Get our free worksheet and find out how you can structure your planning process for success.

Get our free Team-building Activities Worksheet

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Team-building activities are not simply play for play's sake. These activities have the potential to transform the dynamics of your group and make a positive impact on the individuals you're working with. With this in mind, we've created a free team-building activities worksheet that will help you plan for success.

The worksheet includes:

  • special considerations (debriefing topics, special accommodations, etc.) that you might have otherwise overlooked
  • prompts for assessing prior knowledge, barriers to overcome, etc.
  • space to create an inventory of needed props and materials

This worksheet won't plan your activities for you, but it will help lay a foundation for successful planning and implementation. Download your free copy and start planning!

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